How to get Vietnam visa in UK?

General requirements to get Vietnam visa for UK passport holders:

  • Valid PASSPORT (validity must exceed that of the visa by at least one month).
  • One completed APPLICATION FORM for embassy visa or fill online form for Vietnam visa on arrival.
  • One passport PHOTOGRAPH taken not more than one year ago, affixed to the application form.

Requirement for getting Vietnam Visa Online – Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

For UK passport holders, Vietnam visa is not required for less than 15 days. If you stay Vietnam more than 15 days, please apply Vietnam visa. Getting Vietnam visa on arrival is very cheap, fast and easy. All requirements is filling Vietnam visa form online (  with full name as in passport, date of birth, nationality, passport number, proposed entry date and exit date, length of your stay in Vietnam. Please make sure your passport details providing correctly as in your passport.

For entry date : Please make sure you will enter Vietnam after the date you apply for your visa, do not enter Vietnam before the entry date approved for your visa

For exit date : While fill online form for Vietnam visa at website, please note that the visa will valid for 1 month from the date you provide if you apply for 1 month or 3 month from the date you provide if you apply for 3 month and you must exit Vietnam before the validation of visa or please get your visa extend or renew if you want to stay more.

Single or multiple entries ? Single entry visa is single use and multiple entry visa is a kind of visa with multiple use for given period of staying in Vietnam.

Requirement to get Vietnam Visa at the Vietnam Embassy in the UK (Source :

UK passport holders and UK residences need to contact Vietnam embassy to get a visa for Vietnam. Please find below for information and requirement to get visa.

Embassy of Viet Nam (Consular Section)

  • 12-14 Victoria Road, London W8 5RD
  • Tel: 0207 937 1912
  • Fax:  0207 565 3853 or 0207 937 6108
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Direction to the Embassy of Vietnam in UK : The Embassy is located on Victoria Road, off Kensington High Street and Kensington Gardens. Nearest Underground stations: High Street Kensington and Gloucester Road.

  • Opening Time: 09.30 to 12.30 ONLY, Monday to Friday
  • Submission: 9:30 to 11:30
  • Collection: 11:30 to 12:30
  • Please note that there is NO appointment system at the Embassy.         

Please note that If you want your passport to be returned by post: please provide a self-addressed envelope (not stamped) and postal charge.

The Embassy may request further supporting documents and will contact the applicant when necessary. Please do not send any unless you are requested to do so.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: upon receipt of your visa, you are required to check and make sure all the information is correct (especially passport number and visa date). Any error must be notified to our staff immediately and BEFORE your trip to Viet Nam.


Disclaimer: We are neither a government website nor affiliated with the embassy. We are a commercial website for consulting & supporting to get a visa for Vietnam. We only charge for successful application. 100% risk-free.